For many people experiencing serious financial hardship, the thought of filing for personal bankruptcy is extremely stressful and difficult to contemplate. Bankruptcy, however, can be very beneficial in certain situations.

You may be aware that new federal bankruptcy laws recently went into effect. Many people mistakenly believe that these laws have made it very difficult for ordinary people to file for bankruptcy. The fact is that bankruptcy remains a viable option for most individuals.

Personal bankruptcy brings not only the discharge of personal liability on most debts, but also real relief from the chaos and overwhelming pressure inflicted by creditors. Bankruptcy is a legal, safe and advisable way for individuals in dire financial distress to free themselves and start anew. Answers to additional, common bankruptcy questions can be found on the bankruptcy FAQ page.

Debt Management

Debt management is an alternative to a bankruptcy filing. In debt management, Attorney Mulhern will work on your behalf to negotiate with your creditors in order to reduce the amount of your debt.