Buying or selling property is a major financial decision for most people. Buying a home, or selling an inherited property, may be the first occasion an individual has needed legal representation. The importance of this is sometimes overlooked.

Several parties are involved a property sale. The buyer, seller, broker and lender must each take care of his or her own best interests. It is a mistake to assume that the attorney for one of the other parties, including your lender, is also looking out for you.

Although all involved will cooperate on the transaction, another party's lawyer does not represent you. In fact, it is his job to guard his client's interests above yours.

The best course of action is to retain your own attorney, whose goal is to defend your interests alone. Your attorney will be your guide through the often complex legal documents surrounding the purchase or sale. Your attorney will also advocate for you and be able to discern when a transaction is not as favorable to you as it could or should be.

If you are about to engage in a real estate transaction, please give strong consideration to retaining your own attorney, and feel free to contact Attorney Mulhern for a free consultation regarding your particular situation.